Happy Blessed Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother’s birthday! For several weeks I looked forward to celebrating her birthday. I imagine our time together. I yearn to hear her tell the stories that warm my heart. I am blessed by her daily calls and gently scolding reminders to care for myself. Her loving advice is the kind of grace, unmerited favor that money cannot buy. I want to be with her today but, my body will not allow me to make a comfortable round trip ride to her home and back on the same day. So, my birthday gift to her is not a gift wrapped box adorned with a bow. There’s no birthday card message of quotes and flowery language. I will give her an invisible gift that yields visible results.    PRAYER

Dear God, I park and pray at 1:11 pm. to thank you for blessing me with my mom, “Gal” also nicknamed “Mal.” Almighty One, thank you for blessing me with the best mom. In her presence, I feel your loving presence. In her presence, she introduced me to you O God, Heavenly Father Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit. In her presence, I learned to pray to you. I remember the first prayers she taught me. Mal’s faith is strong. No matter the circumstances or challenges, Mal is resilient and gracious, tough and gentle, wise and humble. Awesome God, I pray this day and every day of her life  is filled with joy and laughter,  comfort and endutance, hope and peace, grace and love. Spirit God you are everywhere. Bless Mal to feel your presence as she reads my greeting, “Happy and Blessed Birthday Mal! May the righteous desires of your heart be fulfilled.” In Christ. Amen.

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  1. And a blessed birthday to your mother. Next month it will be five years sinceI was able to celebrate my mother’s birthday except by prayer — but that is rich and wonderful.

  2. Tell your mom happy birthday from one one of her Simmons cousins. May God continue to bless and keep her in His care.

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