“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers”

“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers” Prince 4/2016

Remembering Prince, it’s interesting to note his last words were about prayer.

As I read the many articles about his life and I listen to his music for the sounds of prayer, I discovered portraits of Prince’s prayers. His praying was found in his own authentic language. When Prince asked us to wait and not waste any prayers, it felt like he viewed prayer as something very special.

He said, “wait a few days.” Maybe he meant three days. It reminded me of Christ’s message to his disciples three days before he died on the cross. Often times individuals know God’s call to come home. It is a call that draws saints and sinners, old and young, rich and poor, the spiritually fulfilled and unfulfilled and all who God loves are called to renew their faith in the Creator. Prince asked us to wait for we know not what to pray but, God will give us utterance or words to pray.

What if we did not wait. What would our prayers for Prince be? Would we pray that he would stay with us? Would we pray, “Thy Will Be Done” today and everyday?

God through Jesus Christ asked his disciples to watch and pray.

What were Prince’s prayers and where did he park and pray his most sacred prayers?

“Every song was either a prayer or foreplay,” says CNN writers Lisa Resorts France and Eliot C. McLaughlin.” In the same article, Michaela Angela Davis was quoted as saying, “he was able to negotiate God and sex in his subject matter in a way that we had never seen.”

Maybe we focused so much on the latter, sex messages in his music that we missed how Prince connected with God. Maybe we missed his prayers, his laments and his thanks to the Almighty One.
Prince left a lasting impression.

“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” It reminds us to first park, first be intentional and first wait until God picks up the phone. Wait until you are online, connected with God and not some ungodly source. Waiting allows God to move into your heart and thoughts.

God of Light, God of Love, and God of Mercy, thank you for the gift of eternal life with you. Thank you for the grace that you show us time and time again. We appreciate the 57 years of authentic living that Prince shared with us. He represented many of our flaws and struggles. His discipline to his musical talents often gave us pause and allowed us to see the fruits of hard labor and unconditional love. He showcased his imperfections in creative ways. God, we pray he is forgiven for all the wrongs he has done. Receive him as your child delivered from evil. We thank you for his life and his ability to connect with many of us. We pray the good he has done will be remembered. May we find You, O God in the midst of Prince’s music and in his legacy now and always. Praying in Christ’s Name. Amen.

April Fools Let Us Be Wise

I believe it is foolish to think we can succeed on our own will only. I believe there is an unseen Spirit that nudges us, propels us and opens paths for us that are often hidden from our sight. I believe we’re often blinded by the limitations of our mind and held back by the stiff muscles of our hearts. Prayer allows us to release our grip and open the windows of our minds to allow the Light to flow freely across an untapped terrain of possibilities. When we wisely connect with the Spirit our encounters with the Divine Creator are rich, full and amazing. We are no longer foolish. We are wise and delightfully successful. Prayer connects us with the God Spirit and the gifts of love, joy, peace and everlasting life that makes a fool become wise. It is foolish to think that life is a solo performance. Today, April 1, Fools Day, let us fold up our tents and throw away our foolish ways.
Today is a new day, a day for wisdom and a day for fools to stay asleep.

Let’s pray A Prayer for a New Day by Kate Stanway on the Abide prayer app https://abide.is/prayer/x0gahd