Finding Your Garden

Loving God, Great God we are thankful for you. We see Your garden as a place to learn how to live in peace among many diverse flowers, weeds, and seeds. community. As we remember our Savior’s journey to the Cross. Help us to walk over hills, through valleys, and in the shadow of death with an awareness of Your presence. As Christ is risen may our lives rise like roses, breaking through soil that overcomes dirt, wrestling with thorns, and the poverty of a dry spirit that bruises us. Help us hold onto Christ the solid rock. May we learn from nature how to have perfection. We must be attentive to the seeds that grow in our garden of life. Help us to select with care the soil we plant. May we weed and cultivate our lives through prayer, and in communion with You and Your community. We thank you O Merciful God for Your love that shines on our gardens and grows new life, new flowers, new trees, and leaves that glorify Your Name and Spirit. Amen

Lord Have Mercy!

Lord we need you right now!

Please pray this prayer with me at 1:11pm daily
Spirit, Guide, Love, Divine,and Comforter for all who mourn for lives lost in the Atlanta Spa attacks, supermarket massacre in Colorado, and elsewhere.
The pain is unbearable!
God, Almighty, lay your Healing Hands upon this nation and world.
Pull out the roots of all evil. Destroy the weeds that choke goodness and disrupt our peace. Holy One, release your heavenly angles to fertilize the heart of our nation with love, compassion, grace and mercy. Plant new seeds of righteousness.
May Your Light shine daily, breaking through wickedness and transforming deadly powers into new life. Create in us a clean heart, a renewed spirit, and a moral compass that guides us through life’s journey with you as our Master Gardener.
Vaccinate us with Your protective fragrance and heal broken souls and spirits. Help us, O God, to become peacemakers and peacekeepers who live in Your Garden, a place we admire. We thank you. Pray in our Savior’s Name. Amen.