Prayer is Powerful

Prayer is powerful. It’s a treasured investment. It’s free, available to everyone and useful. You can freely give it to anyone and freely receive it without conditions. The rewards are greater than we can imagine. When we park and pray at 1:11 pm, we set aside a time and place to intentionally enter into God’s presence.  We knock on God’s door with wonder and expectation. God knows our name, understands our desires, hears our prayers, and fulfills our needs according to God’s will and promises. We set ourselves up for heartache when we schedule God’s response to our prayer. Our internal alarm clock rings and we expect God to disregard divine time and immediately obey our timed commands. Anxious and discouraged, we let go of our prayers and praying. We experiment with other ways to fill the void. Finally, we lament, “Lord have mercy!”  It’s 1:11 pm, let’s pause, rest, stop, PARK and PRAY at 1:11 pm:

Awesome God, forgive us for worrying about matters that seem to make us more anxious. Thank you for reminding us that “truly you know the plans you have for us, to prosper and to give us a future and a hope.”(Jeremiah 29:11) God, you know what we need for today and tomorrow. Make your presence known to us all. Comfort all who are afflicted. Heal all who are wounded and brokenhearted., Satisfy our hunger and thirst for your grace, righteousness, goodness, and mercy.  Bring relief to all who are without shelter and loving support.
We pray in Thy Holy Name. Amen.

Words Like Leaves On a Tree


Our words are like leaves on a Tree. Some leaves need to cling to the branches until they mature. Some leaves need to hold onto to their stem until their pain is fermented. Some leaves like words should not fall from the tree until it is certain it can stand on its own word. Once it is released it can never return back to the tree, its source. It gathers on the ground as a community of words, phrases, messages and metaphors as a blanket of thoughts. It gathers as a heap of expressions blown around. Then, carried away to distant places where it finally settles as dust. It becomes a memory and a seed that offers a new thought, a grand idea and words that cling to us like leaves on a Tree.

Park and Pray at 1:11 pm
Creator God bless the life that is mine to hold and beg for your Grace and Mercy. I pray that I may not wander too far from the tree. “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to You, O GOD, my Source, my Strength,” my Love, and my Heart Desire. (Psalms 19:14) In Your Name I pray.

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