Writer’s note: I have no idea where this version of the Lord’s Prayer came from, so I apologise for not giving credit where credit is due. I know I’ve amended it over the years, but it is something that draws me back time and again. So I am using it as a framework for this week’s offering.

Our Father in Heaven,
and present on earth in your only Son and still imbuing us – when we let you –
with your ‘Ruach’ – your Holy Spirit.
Remind us constantly that You are parent to all Your children, whoever and wherever they are.

 Hallowed be Your name.
Your Kingdom come, establishing peace and justice, hope and life for all.

Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread,
and disturb us into awareness of the needs of others.

Forgive us our sins, our pride and our prejudices,
as we forgive those who sin against us.

Lead us not into temptation,
especially keep our hearts and minds open
to see the good in others.

Deliver us from evil.
For the Kingdom: just and true,
the Power:  gentle and fair,
and the Glory:  shot through with the colours of love,
are Yours for ever and ever.

For all of us, whatever our needs, thanksgivings, and intercessions, let us bring them to God.
God hear us and answer the prayers – not necessarily the ones we are bringing but the ones we should be offering.

Wherever we are, on the mountain top or in the pits of life, there you are with us. You promised never to leave us alone – and you are faithful and true. So we give thanks that all is known to You.

We bring our burdens to you, faithful God; in your kindness,
hear our prayer.

For our sisters throughout the world when misogyny and sexual violence are seen as acceptable by too many men. We give thanks for the courage of so many women challenging this injustice, often at the cost of their lives. We name in particular all affected in India, Afghanistan, Iran, Alaska (USA), France, and South Africa.

God be near them.
God be near them.

We hold in the stillness before you the millions suffering from floods, hurricanes, and typhoons from Japan, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean communities, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Give strength, and help us provide urgently required medical supplies, food, and shelter for all those made homeless and made ill by the polluted flood waters.

God be near them.
God help us to think creatively how to help our brothers and sisters in need.

 Others are dying through drought, crops destroyed, and soil erosion by the triple-dip El Niño and La Niña effect.  The areas affected stretch from Peru, across South America, in West Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Tigray, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, and in a broad swathe across the continent of Africa and as far east as Siberia, Russia, China, Afghanistan, and as far south as Australia and as far north as the USA and parts of Europe, areas which used to be known as ‘bread baskets’ for their ability to feed their neighbours.

God be near them.
God help us to think creatively how to help our brothers and sisters in need and solve this crisis.

Holy One, our burdens and concerns are in danger of overwhelming us when the cost of living, food, fuel, and heating are going through the roof mainly through the machinations of man. We remember all those struggling to survive and longing for peace and being with loved ones again. In particular we remember the horrors being uncovered in the freed areas of Ukraine.

God be near them. Let your wisdom and compassion flow into those in power.
God hear us and help us to make peace and justice our task.

We recall your words calling us to be good servants and responsible stewards. You continue to invite us to come and work with you, reminding us of your promise to be always with us.

When children are able to be children:
Your joy, God, is at the heart of all things.

When adults walk together to respect, love, and care for each other and this beautiful but fragile planet:
Your joy, God, is at the heart of all things.

 We give thanks for the loving and faithful service of so many we take for granted who keep our communities functioning: the refuse collectors, the utilities workers, the postal workers, the list is almost endless. We give thanks for each one of them precious to us and even more precious in your eyes.

When anyone lives a life of service in self-less love:
Your joy, God, is at the heart of all things.

May we use the resources of your bounteous earth lightly and with thanksgiving, wasting none and sharing with all so we can become the community you created us to be, saved and freed by your beloved Son, Jesus, and empowered daily by your breath of Life – your Holy Spirit.

Set us on fire with your Love, Light, and Will that we can revel in your world, work for justice, love our neighbours and all that is created, and walk humbly and in joy with you, our God. AMEN.

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