A Deep Breath

Let’s take a deep breath and slowly release. Let us pray at 1:11.

We look to you, O Merciful God who dwells in heaven and on earth. God, whose eyes are upon us we cry, “Mercy, God, mercy!”

Almighty God, we thank you for our help and strength comes from you. There’s none like you. Thank you for hearing our prayers.

We long to hear you in the midst of the storms in our lives. We trust your wisdom.

Almighty God, you call us to love one another. You declare we are your creation and your children who are created in your image. But, some grow weary, hardened, inhumane, evil and not ashamed.

Loving God, we need you. We watch and wait for you.

Speak, O God. Release your Grace, Mercy, Righteousness, Hope, and Healing Power upon this nation. We want to breathe easy.

O God! We hold our breath and we pray, O God, deliver us from evil. We take a deep breath and hold for the fulfillment of your promises.

Mercy, GOD, mercy! God, have mercy on us!

Quench the fires that burn in our hearts and minds. No more images of strange fruit hanging from trees. No more running, hands up, face down, lives lost and criminals set free.

Mercy, God give us Your mercy! Mercy, O God, mercy!

Too many have been kicked around for too long. Kicked and clawed in the teeth by complacent harmful beings. Kicked and held down by arrogant brutes.

On this day, we gather and hold onto that kicking foot. A kicking foot that becomes our gavel for carrying out justice.

No more holding our breath.

Merciful God, fill us with your spirit and guide our feet as we run this race. We humbly pray in your Holy name. Amen.

( inspired by Psalm 123:1-4