The One Who Made a Cross

The hidden cross is not hiding from us. It’s offering us the naked truth about the Resurrection. He’s no longer here. Christ is risen, indeed he’s risen.

The naked cross is not naked. It is only stripped of the crucified one. It’s smooth brown satin finish reminds us that God can wash all our sins away. We are set free.

The cross, the nails and a stand holds us upright. The cross shields us from the intersection of life and death. Oh cross stay with us while we catch our breath.

The cross leads us, guide us and walks with us all the way. Show us how to care for you cross. Should we carry our burdens on our shoulders?

Breath on me, oh lovely cross. Fall down on my knees. Teach me to seek forgiveness. Oh cross that I may forgive all this day and always. In the name of one who bore the Cross. Amen.

There is stillness in between each breath. There is stillness in between each heart beat. There is stillness in between each footstep. Stillness is an imprint in our lives. Embrace those still moments. In one moment of stillness together and in spirit we can change the world.

Park and Pray at 1:11 pm.