When So Much Seems Unknown

Let us Park and Pray at 1:11 pm

Holy One,

At this moment and perhaps in every moment, there is much in the world and in our lives that is unknown to us — the route and length of the pandemic, the results of elections and leadership across the world, the outcomes and consequences of the demands for racial justice, and even the walk of our own lives tomorrow or next week or next year. Deepen our trust in the Mystery, O God; deepen our reliance in the power of your Holy Spirit to carry us into our tomorrows, to seat us deeply in your Word and to heal and transform the world. In your mercy and to your glory, we pray. Amen

The Rev. Sr. Miriam Elizabeth, Order of Saint Helena

Prayer for POTUS and All

Holy One, You call us to pray for one another and pray for everyone.

Prayerfully, we come before your presence with thanks in our hearts. God our Comforter, we ask for your Grace and Mercy for our appointed leader, the head of our nation, the POTUS (President of the United States). 🙏🏾

You taught us about the power of prayer. You taught us how to pray. Today, we park and pray at 1:11. We speak and sing healing prayers. We trust Y to hear and answer our prayers.

Today, we pray for the POTUS, his family, friends, colleagues, and those stricken by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

O God, we lift up healing prayers for the POTUS, and all who reside, visit and work in the White House. All who are affected by his condition.

We pray the POTUS uses good judgments.

We pray he makes righteous and thoughtful decisions.

We pray the POTUS has an Ananias’ moment like early century Saul who after an encounter with God, Saul became Paul who devoted his life to serving God. Merciful God, lay Your hands on the POTUS. Make your presence known to him.

May the SCALES fall from his eyes. Scales that blur eyesight, insight, foresight and hindsight.

We pray healing for his body, mind and spirit. Lord, create in him a clean heart, a renewed spirit, a humble mind, and a righteous soul. May Your spirit dwell within him.

Gracious God, heal and transform the POTUS just like You changed Saul to Paul, a tender and righteous one who lived to serve and glorify God.

Lord in Your Mercy bless all who read this 🙏🏾.

In our Savior’s Name, Amen.

(Ref. Acts 9:17-19 NRSV)