Our Prayers & List

Creator God, thank you for your presence in our lives. Thank you for the ability to park, stop, pause and pray. Thank you O God for hearing and answering our prayers. Please accept our meager sacrifice of time and intentional prayer.  We pray for:

Rev. Cleo, Melvin, Rafiq, Justin, Amira, Reena, Mya, Lyla, JJ, Mom, James, Keena, Reana, Renay, Dhafir, Hakim fm, Dhafir fm, Sabir fm, Mansour & Jr., Diane, Bilal, Adilah, Oni fm, Tamu fm, Aunt Sis, Babe, Dottie, Franny, Reggie, Michelle, Sheri fm, Reggie fm, Min. Priscilla fm. Darleen fm, Mandy fm, Babe, Hygie Sr. Jr., Chubby, Vernal, Maurice, Carol A., Lee V., Min. Laurette (Lesean), Min. Barbara S., Dolores (John), Freddie, Rev. Felicia & fm, Rev. Carolyn Y. (Charles, kids), Pres. Obama, Gov. Raimondo, POTUS, Monica, Carlos, Chontell W. fm, Esther, Rev. Kathy H, Rev. Barbara L. (Sarah Jane), Carolann, Gordon (kids), Beneficent Church, Sylvia, Issac, Brendan C., Shannon, Andover Newton/YDS, Ardena & fm, Carrie & John B., Michelle M.B & fm, Michael, Chris W. fm, Paulette & fm, Clay, Franklinton Center, AAWIM, Yesenia & her family, Chris Alves & gm, Faith W., Rebecca, Rev. Traci B., Rev. Dr. John D., TriConference UCC, Zenobia (Anthony), Rev. Brendan, Dan, Juanita W., L, Lloyd M., Terry, Rev. Maren T., Rev. Viola B., Marisa, Celia H., Cristian M., Little Fears, latetogod, Earth Pilgrimage, Edmond Sanganyado, smaxreisert, Dennis Geoffroy, Mary S. Amarilys (Nayda), Philomena (Maria), Rev. Rebecca W., Colleen, Judy Alston, Linda D., EVON, Rev. Remona as she struggles to complete her work. Claire at USM. Stan, Richard M., Ann C. and Victims and those affected by Gun Violence. Lord have mercy on lives lost, broken and bruised. Protect us and help us understand and recover from natural disasters, fires, those who commit errors, do evil, have poor judgements and a deranged state of mind that results in massacres, the horrific fires and other destruction. Heal all who struggle to recover from life threatening illnesses and situations. Give us strength to meet these challenges, renewed hope, trust and faith in you Almighty God. Merciful and Loving God, we pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

In the morning we rise and thank you God. In the afternoon we stop, wait, Park and Pray at 1:11pm.image At night we lay down  and praise you, God. Thank you for keeping us in your loving care no matter where we may be.


Holy One, as we pause and enter into this special time of prayer with you, help us to be present as a praying intercessor. Holy One, you know our names, our burdens, our concerns, our triumphs and our joys. Merciful God, receive our prayers and minister to our needs. God our Healer, look upon those who need healing. O God, relieve the pain of addictions, heartaches, heartbreaks, poverty, injustices, and distress. We need a breakthrough. Let nothing or no one separate us from you and stand in the way of our love for you. Give us favor. Lord, we pause in silence and prayerfully listen for your still speaking voice.

God, help us to patiently wait for your answers to our prayers. Your answers come to us in many ways. Help us to recognize when our prayers have been answered. Give us clarity about your promises and your divine will for us. Dear God, thank you for giving us life, bread, breath, strength and so much more. In Christ’s name, we park and pray at 1:11 pm and always. Amen.


We invite you to select the FOLLOW button, to join our prayer and/or add a prayer request by sending your Contact information. Thank you all for praying with us.

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