P-R-A-Y -Praise, Regrets, Ask, Yield

Praise You, O God from whom all blessings flow.


Lord, we thank you for the price you paid for our redemption. As you receive these prayers we offer our thanks and praise.

Lord, forgive us when we neglect to humble ourselves and pray to You. Forgive us when we neglect our duties as Your stewards of the time, talents and treasures you give us. Forgive us when we fail to share our divine gifts.


Loving God, remember us. You know our names and our needs. You know our heavy hearts, our burdens, and our troubles. You know our situations and our needs. O God answer hear our prayers for:

For families, friends, neighbors, unknowns

Melvin, Cleo, Rafiq, Justin, Mya, Octavius, Xavius, Lyla, JJ, Reena, Mom, Renay (Dhafir) fm- Hakim, Dhafir, Sabir, Mansir,Sylvia,Diane (Bilal) – Oni, Tamu, Adeyla, and James – Keena & Reana. Babe, Hygie, Hygie Jr., Maurice, Chubby, Aunt Sis, Bev., Cheryl, Sister, Aunt Babe, Amanda and fm, Aunt Franny, Michelle, Yolanda, Minister Priscilla, Sherill, Melissa, Darlene, Lillian’s Karen, Sherri, Reggie, Cousin Billy and Doris Simmons, Gwen, Hygie, Chub, Little Hygie Vernal & fm, Kyra, Marilyn S., Carolann & fm, Faith Congregational Church SNEUCC , Ron, AAWIM, Lloyd M.,Terry,Jeffrey C. R. deliverance, Sarah and family, healing for Pastor Bruce Millet. Sheila, Charron & fm, Alice, Joe, Rev. Gaither, Alfreda, Maurice, Rev. Kathy, Rev. Barbara, Rev. Philomena,

Rev. Dr. Darnell Goodwin, healing his grandmother Mother Roberta Harris, his partner, SNEC UCC, Rev. Traci Blackmon, Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer, Rev. Kent Siladi, Rev. Zenobia, Celia H., Juanita W., Rev. Maren T., Earnest C., Rev. Tamara, her daughter, Rev. Meredith, Shirl P., Rev. Dr. Audrey Kristina & Rev. Dr. Wells, his daughter, and Lisa’s husband Eric. Earl, Rev. Patty. Reunite Jamal and children

Prayers for miracle healing for Jacob Blake, all others in need of healing and comfort. All who are grieving, especially related to racist inspired deaths of their loved ones. Merciful God, free us from threats of danger for all who are broken by brutal arrests, injuries and deaths of unarmed People of Color. Lord, prayers for healing as our nation is still wrestling with the late George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and other past and present martyrs as a result of the dehumanizing effects of racism, privilege and more. Almighty God dismantle and eradicate racism. End the suffering of people who have no voice, no home, no refuge and no hope. Many have endured so much for too long. We pray for redemption and deliverance from evil. We pray for a change of heart and minds of all perpetrators of racism and hatred that kills and destroys life. Shine on your people and bless all with peaceful living. Open the eyes and ears of our nation to the pain that many Black and Brown people experience due to injustices. Inspire all to make lasting changes as Jesus Christ modeled for us.

O God, we pray the needs of all children, youth, teachers and all who are invested in education. Make our schools safe, at peace and harmless. We pray the Refugee and Foster Care children’s needs are fulfilled.

Protect the healthcare providers and all who are vulnerable during this Covid-19 pandemic.

We pray for our leaders that they have wisdom, a hunger for righteousness, stamina and resources to lead us. Prayers for: , Health Dir, Senators Reed, Whitehouse, Rep Langevin & Cicillini, Mayors Elorza, DaSilva, Educators, & all who serve the public. Inside them to teach all children

Prayers for all who desire to be public servants. Your Blessings and protection for President Biden & VP Kamala

Inspire all, leaders, media, spokespersons, to listen and to accept your guidance. Holy One, we pray Your justice prevails.

Prayers for former President Trump. Almighty God, Search his heart and renew his spirit, give him the desire and willpower to speak truth, to be honest, just, faithful, kind and loving towards all people. May he forgive and experience redemption. Help him to seek your guidance, receive it and act upon it in all his words and ways.

Prayers for our communities:

All who are in need of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, finances, education and other lifesaving insecurities. We pray for the health, education and welfare of all people especially the most vulnerable.

Have mercy O Lord, on innocent lives unjustly arrested-incarcerated, murdered and captive in a cycle of bondage. All who grieve for lives lost. Comfort families and friends who carry heavy burdens of injustices that lead to brutal deaths. Prayers for children who are forced to witness gun violence. Lord have mercy. Calm our fears. Extinguish the flames of hatred and the trigger happy stances that declare war whenever we come face to face. We long for justice. Lord in your mercy give us freedom, justice, grace, peace, and comfort.

“Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us!”

“Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John‬ ‭1:29‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

Give us life without harm. Give us protection from injustice, brutal attacks, death threats, harm, unlawful arrests, brutal attacks, grief and other misery.

Lamb of God give us peace, give us your blessed assurance that racism is ending. Lord have mercy.

Release and renew those with good will to restart their lives with ambition and hope. All refugees who seek a safe asylum in this country.

Lord, soon and completely eradicate Ebola, Coronavirus and other lethal diseases that linger and threaten lives.

Prayers for the Wider Community

Sacred Heart Academy, FCC Help us care for one another as the highly evolved creatures You created. Keep us mindful O God, of all members of humanity so we may not neglect or overpower one more than the other. Help us to be at peace, serve with compassion and love with all our might.

O Lord, relieve us of the deadly Covid-19 Virus. Merciful God, bless the air, water, land, light, people, creatures and all of creation. Restore fresh clean water to communities such as, Michigan and Zimbabwe

Holy One, Love Divine, Thank You for hearing our prayers. We yield, we wait patiently and confidently for You to answer our prayers. In our Savior’s Name. Amen.

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for parking and praying at 1:11pm with us.

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May the Light of God guide and protect us. Blessings as we go forth in the name of our Lord. Amen.

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