Our Prayer List

Merciful God, hear our prayers:

Rev. Cleo, Melvin, Rafiq, Justin, Reena, Mya, Lyla, JJ, Mom, James & fm, Keena, Reana, Renay Dhafir & fm, Diane Bilal & fm Aunt Sis, Babe & fm, Dottie & fm, Franny & fm, Reggie, Michelle, Sheri fm, Min. Priscilla & fm. Mandy fm, Gwen, Hygie, Chubby, Vernal & fm,Lee V., Dolores (John), Freddie, Rev. Felicia & fm, Thelma, Rev. Carolyn Y. (Charles, kids),

Pres. Obama, Gov. Raimondo, POTUS, Senators Reed, Whitehouse, Rep Cicillini, Mayor DaSilva, Monica, Carlos, Rev. Kathy H, Heidi S.Rev. Barbara L. (Sarah Jane), Carolann, Beneficent Church, Sylvia, Brendan C., Shannon, Andover Newton/YDS, Ardena & fm, Carrie, Chris W. fm, Paulette Ivory & fm,Franklinton Center, AAWIM, Barbara S.,

Chris Alves & fm, Faith W., Laura, Randy, Rebecca, Rev. Traci B., Rev. Dr. John D., TA1 UCC, Zenobia (Anthony), Rev. Brendan, Dan, Juanita W., L, Lloyd M., Terry, Cynthia, Rev. Maren T., Rev. Viola B., Marisa, Celia H., Cristian M., Little Fears, latetogod, Earth Pilgrimage, Edmond Sanganyado, smaxreisert, Dennis Geoffroy, Mary S. Amarilys (Nayda), Colleen, Rev. Rebecca, Ann C., Pat, Chuck, O. Rogeriee & family, Tracey, Earnest C., Rev. Dr. Jessica, Janita, Bobby, Patricia, Roberta & Johnson family, Anika, Joe V., Barbara W., Jane H., Rev. Elizabeth, Jacqueline, Joe, Mona

Gracious God, thank you for your grace and mercy. Many are relieved that the recent Government Shutdown ended. Help our leaders attend to the issues that matter to you, O God. May they seek and accept your wisdom and ways to resolve these issues. Lord, unite all Migrant Children with their loved ones and give them safe nurturing homes. We look upon you Almighty God for Healing and comfort for Henrietta, Father Joe C. L, Baby Alexander, Bill, Marta. Marilyn K., Allen, Mario & fm. Camille, Laura, Earnest, Lewis Family & Friends of Massacres other violent crimes. Restoration for Tsunami, Storms and catastrophic disruptions. We call on you to stabilize our relationships with one another both locally and worldwide. Help us to identify ourselves as your children, as brothers and sisters, one nation united under God who reins forever. In Christ’s Name. Amen.

My God, thank you for being present in our lives. Merciful God, may the stillness of Your Peace rest upon us and in us. Almighty God, strengthen and renew us. Help us to recognize you, acknowledge your works, and trust in you. My God hear our prayers and fulfill our needs. In our Savior’s name we pray. Amen

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Other Prayers

Creator, forever present and loving God, we thank you for your presence in our lives and for the gift of prayer. Please accept our meager sacrifice of time as many of us virtually park and pray at 1:11 pm.

Holy One, as we pause and enter into this special time of prayer with you, help us to be present as a praying intercessor for many who need your blessings. Lord just as you know our names, you also know our needs.

Merciful God, heal those who are burdened by sickness, diseases, addictions, heartaches, poverty, injustices, and more. Give us relief from deceitful and wicked ways in our society. Lord breakthrough strongholds and stiff necked policies and practices that strangle the livelihoods of those who are most vulnerable and weak in our society. Let nothing or no one steal our peace.

Almighty God, preserve and protect the rights of all people especially, the lives of the innocent, unarmed and most vulnerable people. Lord, protect our right to live and experience justice. 

Lord, help us to respect the power of prayer whether we stand, cup our hands, lean on one knee, sit back on our heels, look up or gaze down, raise our hand with fingers open or closed, and call out your name boldly or whisper or hold still. O Lord, help us to know you, your still speaking voice. Help us live according to your will.

God, bless us with patience as you answer our prayers. Many are without homes, broke and broken after natural disasters. Almighty God be merciful to them. Bless us with your Grace. Give us strength to meet our challenges, renewed hope, understanding, trust and faith in your divine will.

Merciful and Loving God, receive our prayer in the name of our Savior. Amen. 

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for parking and praying at 1:11pm with us. We welcome your comments and prayer requests.

Select FOLLOW and send your Contact information. May the Light of God guide and protect you. Blessings as you go forth in the name of our Lord. 

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