PRAISE You, O God from whom all blessings flow. We offer You our prayers, our thanks and ourselves for your purposes. Thank you for this time of prayer.

Lord, forgive us when we neglect to humble ourselves and pray to You. Forgive us when we neglect our duties as Your humble servants. Forgive us when we fail to use our divine gifts, and to glorify Your Name. Loving God, We thank You for responding to our prayers. Help us to be worthy of Your blessings as Children of a Merciful God.

Remember Dear Lord, our names and our needs, our joys and our sorrows, our achievements, and our roadblocks, troubles and journeys. We Ask You to fulfill the righteous desires of our hearts. We do Yield, park and pray without ceasing. We park and pray at 1:11pm this pray “Our Heavenly Father and Mother, Holy is Your Name. Your Kingdom come. May Your Will be done we on earth as it is in heaven. Holy One, give us this day our daily bread. The Bread we receive from You is lifesaving Love, Light, Grace, Mercy, Power, Strength, Healing and Peace. Forgive us our sins and help us as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us in Your Righteousness and away from temptation. Deliver us from evil. For You are Powerful, Loving, Glorious, Merciful, Gracious, and present. O God, hear our prayers for:

Family: Myself, Melvin, Rafiq, Justin,, Xavius, Mya, Lyla, JJ, Mom, Renay (Dhafir) fm- Hakim fm, Dhafir, Sabir Pheona, Mansir,Sylvia,Diane (Bilal) – Oni, Obi, Izzy, Tamu, Wilfred, Namumba, Nzinga, Edgar, Nima, fm., Adeyla, and James – Keena & Reana baby, Elvis, Babe, Hygie, Hygie Jr., Maurice, Chubby, Aunt Sis, Bev., Cheryl, Dennis, Keisha, Aunt Babe, Amanda and fm, Aunt Franny, Michelle, Yolanda, Minister Priscilla, Cheri, Sherill, Melissa, Darlene, Lillian’s Karen, Sherri, Reggie, Cousin Billy, Doris Simmons, Vernal & fm, Kyra, Juanita W., Cousin Rosalyn & fm, Have mercy O God. Rev. Carolann Y., her son, Evelyn S., Marilyn S.,Carolann J. &fm Rev. Felicia & fm., Jacqueline, Rev. Kathy, Dolores, Rev. Ron Wells, Rev. Maren T., Rev. Melvin Wms, Andrea & son, Erin, Earnest C., Jay, Cierra, Rev. Jewell, Susan, Barbara, Carolina, Carlos, For Steve Ronald, EARL,

Faith Congregational Church and all places of worship. Tabernacle Baptist Church. Help us to live and care for one another as the highly evolved creatures Almighty God help us to spiritually grow our church, our youth and community. Prayers for all, especially for those who are sick and shut in. Regina & her Mom, Dr.Ruth’s Family, Alice, Deacons – Charron &fm, Pam & daughter, Eva, Gail& Lee, Martin. Khalilah, Joe, Rev. Gaither, Alfreda,, Chris, Bro Andrews, Tre, Meryth, Christopher Anita. LLionia. Rev. Mia, Cece & Riley, Tre, Wiggins family, Irene Pitman, Dorothy’s Dad, and fm., Michael , Lee, Cloud family, WENDY, Bro. Andrew, Terry, Thomas, Riley, Agnes W., Dea. Johnny, Alexis. healing for Bro. Earl. Prayers for Chelsea & all those who mourn the loss of loved ones.

SNEUCC Southern New England Conference United Church of Christ Community, Rev. Dr. Audrey & fm., Rev., Dr. Darrell Goodwin & partner, Kenny, gm Roberta Harris. “Gracious Lord, Fulfill the righteous desires of their hearts. Prayers for UCC Rev. Traci Blackmon & family, God watch over them. Keep her in good health. Lord protect her from all harm. God. continue to bless and guide her on Your path. Make Your presence known to her and her colleagues healing.

Lord receive our prayers for Denise, Mario and family, Mundo, Janice, Evans family

ASKING: Lord, we know you watch over us. Your presence is known throughout our waking and resting hours. We look upon your creation and see flowers blooming, trees filled with fruits and without our hands upon it. Your handiwork is magnificent. Shine on your people and bless all with bountiful and peaceful living. Open our eyes and ears to hear your Call to make lasting changes in our lives. To be more loving and selfless like Jesus Christ.

Prayers for our youth O God, we pray for the needs of all children, youth, teachers and all who are invested in education. Especially those who are at risk. Lord have Mercy on them. Make our schools a safe place, a refuge, and a place that is grounded in love, peace, comfort, hope and focused on education. A place where learning is a successful journey for everyone. Prayers for Students Alexia, Lavita, and for Sacred Heart Academy.

Prayers for Protection of all who are on the frontline and exposed to the risks of Covid-19 (Sanitation, Cleaners, healthcare providers, technicians, police, grocers, etc., Lord, all who are vulnerable God keep all healthy, safe and free from harm. Deliver us from evil and harm. Praying for Our Nation: Lord, God, Your power is greater than any power. Your power is inconceivable, unimaginable and beyond our comprehension. Almighty God, You simply ask us to pray. You hear and answer our prayers in many ways. You call us to look, listen, and feel Your presence in our lives. Merciful God, receive our prayers for a world stricken by an invisible pathogens that requires compassion, discipline, mercy, love, and trust as the central ingredients for treatment.

Hear our prayers for those who work and yet, they have no home. They cry and yet, they have no refuge. They pray, and yet they have no hope. They have endured so much for too long. We pray for our Spiritual Sisters and Brothers and for our nation that continues to wrestle with the dehumanizing effects of racism, privilege and disregard. Almighty God dismantle and eradicate racism. End the suffering of people especially those who have no voice. Bring justice, righteousness and peace to all in need.

We pray for redemption and deliverance from neglect and evil. We pray for a change of heart. Help us envision Your garment of Peace and righteousness in all and for all. May Your righteousness, justice, goodness, and mercy be our common garment. Make loving one another as common as the air we breathe that is free for all. We pray in Your Holy Name for Rev. Andrew Young, Cloud family,

We pray for our leaders and all who desire to be public leaders. Gracious, Loving, and Merciful God, may those who are leaders first love the people and hate the behaviors that promote hatred. May our public leaders have the wisdom to weed out counterfeit information that creates turmoil. May our public leaders possess a hunger for righteousness, a healthy dose of stamina and apply lifesaving resources to lead us.

“Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!” (John‬ ‭1:29‬ ‭NIV‬‬)

Dear God, bless and protect our President Biden & VP Kamala Harris. RI Senators Reed, Whitehouse, Rep Langevin & Cicillini, Mayors Elorza, DaSilva, Dr. Sarah Lewis, Jeff P., Dunkin H., Chris W., Fiona, Educators, & all who serve the public. Call all leaders, writers, spokespersons, and reporters who manage media to listen and report credible news.

Prayers for the Wider Community Loving God, hear our prayers: For the people in Ukraine, who are suffering under a warfare regime causing them to flee from their native land. Prayers for residents and all who are in need of safety, care, shelter, lifesaving resources. Praying for the YDS students &Alumni Laura, Noah and all.

Prayers for our environment. Merciful God, bless the air, water, land, light, people, creatures and all of creation. Restore fresh clean water to communities such as, Haiti, Michigan and Zimbabwe. Please rescue those Haitians and all who are experiencing deportation. Lord help them achieve a sustainable lifestyle that is safe, peaceful and thriving for all people. Help the Afghan Refugees, this in Ukraine. May they experience life free from imminent danger and harm.

Almighty God, Search our hearts and renew our spirits. God, give us the desire and willpower to speak truth, to be honest, just, faithful, kind and loving towards all people. May we forgive and experience redemption. Help us seek your guidance, receive it, act upon it, and live according to your Words and Ways. In Your Holy Name we pray.

“Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us!”

Bless us with faith, love, peace, hope, and equip us to be Your servants who are holy and acceptable.

YIELD! Teach us to yield, wait, and Be Still and know You are all Wise, all Knowing, always present, Holy and Divine, God, always on time. Thank You for hearing our Praises, Regrets, Joys, Woes, and all our prayers. Teach us to yield, wait patiently and confidently for Your answer to our prayers. May Your Light O God guide and protect us. God bless our going and coming. Bless us as we “Park and Prays at 1:11 pm” with you. Praying in Your Holy name. Amen.

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Thank you for being a community who park and pray at 1:11 pm.

Agape, Rev. Cleo 🙏🏾❤️

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