Praying For You

P-R-A-Y -Praise, Regrets, Ask,Yield


Gracious God, we park and enter into this special time of prayer with You. We are thankful for your constant presence. We give thanks and praise for your unconditional love. Your Grace is truly enough.


Lord, we regret those times when we don’t make time and take the time to pray. We are sorry for our sins. We commit sins and we fail to do what is right. Lord have mercy on us.

We ask you to forgive us yet, only a few of us forgive others.

Thank You for the gift of redemption.


Loving God, You know our names and our needs before we are aware. Still, we park and pray at 1:11 pm. Almighty God hear our prayers.

A Prayer For You:

O God, we pray for ourselves, our relatives, friends, and others, especially those who park and pray at 1:11 pm . O God, have mercy on us. Shine Your Light on us. Give us, those who hunger, this day our daily bread:

Melvin, Cleo, Rafiq, Justin, Mya, Lyla, JJ, their mother Reena.

Lord watch over my aging mother Mary, her siblings Betty and daughter Amanda, Mamie Sis, Bev & family, Fran (Michelle and partner), Reggie (Reggie, Sherri her fm,?and the late Joyce Bryant family. Prayers for Renay (Dhafir) fm- Hakim, Dhafir, Sabir, Mansir,Diane (Bilal) – Oni, Tamu, Adeyla, and James – Keena & Reana.

Min. Priscilla & fm. Sherrill, Darlene, Melissa, Mandy fm, Gwen, Hygie, Chub, Vernal & fm, Lee V., Dolores (John), Freddie, Rev. Felicia & fm, Rev. Carolyn Y., Charles, his kids, Rev. Barbara S., Evelyn, Rev. Kathy, Jacqueline L., Carlos V., Gordon. Joyce brother Eli, Sylvia’s brother LG Dx, Paulette & her family grieving loss of her sister-inlaw Loretha, Jay F.,

O God, we pray the needs of all Foster Care children are fulfilled.

Val and baby J

Almighty God, heal and comfort:

Sean, Tracey & Karen, Kim and her partner, Macey, Debbie & Stanley

A Prayer for you too:

Dear God, please watch over,

Rev. Barbara L. Sarah J., Marilyn S., Carolann & fm, Beneficent Church, Sylvia, Brendan C., Laurin, Judith, Shannon, Rosalee, Ron, Rev. Burton,

AAWIM, SNEC, Rev. Traci B., Rev. Dr. John D., Rev. Zenobia, Lloyd M.,Terry, Cynthia, Celia H., Juanita W., Rev. Maren T., Marisa, Cristian M., Little Fears, latetogod, Earth Pilgrimage, Edmond Sanganyado, smaxreisert, Earnest C.,, & Johnson family, Anika, Andrea, Joe V., Rev. Elizabeth, Jacqueline,, (Michael, Shana, Pat Auger), Rev. Marilyn K., Acevedo family, healing for Elias

A Prayer for victims & loved ones:

Almighty God, we pray for those who experience trauma by perpetrators of violence. Lord have mercy! Bring peace right now.

Protect and Anchor all whose lives and livelihoods are threatened. May they find a peaceful and fulfilling asylum in which they will grow and make meaningful contributions.

Recovery, Revive and Renew all who are stricken by disasters, COVID-19, diseases, calamities and challenges especially devastation. Dear God, comfort and heal them. Give them your peace, relieve their suffering and losses. Bless and support them beyond measure.

Prayer for our leaders:

Stamina and relief for our leaders, Gov. Raimondo, Senators Reed, Whitehouse, Rep Cicillini, Mayor DaSilva, Commissioner Greene & all who serve the public.

Prayers for all who desire to be public servants. Thank you for Mario‘s victory.

Inspire judges, leaders, media, spokespersons, to listen and to seek your guidance.

  • Holy One, we pray for the POTUS, President Trump, Speaker Pelosi our Congress, leaders, supporters and all. May all lead, speak and do according to Your will and way, as humble, righteous, truthful, merciful, forgiving and trustworthy servants of the most High Power, Almighty God.

Prayer for our communities:

Lord, we pray for all who experience food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, financial, education and other lifesaving insecurities. We pray for children throughout our nation for their health, education and welfare. Providence Schools, teachers, students, families that their needs are immediately addressed.

O God, put an end to acts of violence, aggression, hatred, rage and pain precipitated by prejudice based on race, sex, gender, class and more.

Have mercy O Lord, on innocent lives unjustly arrested-incarcerated and captive in a cycle of bondage. Release and renew those with good will to restart their lives with ambition and hope. Omar refugee who seeks asylum in this country.

Prayer for our world:

O Mighty God, we pray that the world will collectively work towards a foundation of faith in God. May the world experience the Light, the Love and the Power of Your Divine presence and everlasting peace.

O God, empower humanity with a commitment to care for Your creation, earth, natural resources, and attend to the environment and climate.

Help us care for one another as the highly evolved creatures You created. Keep us mindful O God, of all members of humanity so we may not neglect or overpower one more than the other. Help us to be at peace, serve with compassion and love with all our might.

O Lord, bless the air, water, land, light, people, creatures and all of creation. Restore fresh clean water to communities such as, Michigan and Zimbabwe that are experiencing droughts. Lord, protect us from catastrophic disruptions and peril.

Lord, soon and completely eradicate Ebola, Coronavirus and other lethal diseases that linger and threaten lives.

Almighty God, we call on you to bring your peace to our world. As we strive to be kindred spirits, divine brothers and sisters, one nation, one world, one people united under God who reins forever.

O God hear our prayers


Holy One, Love Divine, Thank You for hearing our prayers. We wait patiently and confidently for You to answer our prayers. In our Savior’s Name. Amen.

****************************Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for parking and praying at 1:11pm with us. We welcome your comments and prayer requests.

Select FOLLOW and send your Contact information. May the Light of God guide and protect you. Blessings as you go forth in the name of our Lord. 

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