The Most Powerful Minutes

The most powerful minutes spent praying can yield the greatest results. Pray daily at 1:11 pm for 30 days then, share your thoughts here.


Set Alarm. at 1:11 🕐

Park or Rest in God’s Presence 🇻🇦🇻🇦

Pray at 1:11 p.m. 🧎🏿🧎🏼‍♂️

P-raise  (Thank God)

R-egret  (Forgive me God)

A-sk   (God for righteous desires)🙏🏾🙏

Y-ield (wait for God to answer prayers)

                                 Yes, No, Maybe, Not Yet, If…

Share the Good News


God’s Power.⚡️

Amen (as God wills)

Nay’s Wisdom

Nay Says, “We All Win!”
We do and don’t get to decide
which part of a genius
to uphold and celebrate with pride.

The beauty of art and all its glory,
if one takes the jolted ride,
is that “it’s all good.”
Every intimate and infinite story.

The sum of one’s parts
is not greater than, or lesser;
Celebrate every blessed thing!
No matter the reason, form, or fashion.

Take what wills you
to your own greatness.
The Godly message –
“We all win.”
When intentions, pure
emanate from the heart.

Every active mind and spirit’s candle
ignites what one’s backbone
and spine can handle.

Wisdom breathes below, on, above,
and well above the line.
Faith lives below, on, above,
and well beyond all of time.


Nay is a prolific inspirational writer, teacher, and author of several books for all generations. Nay’s writings will be periodically featured in Park and Pray at 1:11.

Check out her books. Each one is filled with amazing stories.


A Beautiful Crooked Tree

It’s amazing how often imperfections are missed in the midst of strong support. It’s as if the rocks in our lives holds us. Green grass gives us renewed strength. The roots anchor us and connect us with those who came before us. Our bent branches lean on God’s Grace and Mercy. It bends, it beckons us and it reaches forth to invite us to sit under the shade for a while. Park yourself at 1:11 pm. Breathe deep and pray reverently to the One who waits, listens and answers our prayers.

Give thanks with a grateful heart.

Go forth and trust your prayers are heard and will be answered.

Surely, Goodness and Mercy shall follow you all the days of your life.

Dwell in the House of the Lord wherever you happen to hv park and pray at 1:11 pm.

As God Wills and In God’s Name, Amen.

Happy Birthday , Hank Aaron!

Happy Birthday, Hank Aaron!  Feb. 5

(We light a candle and pray your prayer at 1:11 pm)

Happy Birthday, Hank Aaron! Rest In Peace.
O Lord, our God, how excellent is Your Name,
You protected and sheltered Hank Aaron despite all his pain.
You laid Your hand on his shoulder and steadied his faith.

We remember him playing on a winning team,
It was more than an American Dream.
Despite the dangers he faced,
Your angels showed up for him every place.

You carried him through the rough and tough valleys.
You lifted him over the land mines of bigotry and hatred.
You held onto him while he climbed the highest mountains.
You never let go, and He never released Your hands.

When the winds of caustic emotions threatened his life.
You brought him a victory in 1974 that broke a record no one denied.
Hank Aaron was with us a few days ago and nothing seems the same.
Creator God, we loved his game, his person, and his rise to fame.

Yet, God, You called a time out, a season’s end, a final rest,
He did his best and trusted You to do the rest.
We remember Hank Aaron’s faith; it is so well known.
Loving God, You loved him, and You called Hank an MVP Allstar home.
copyrighted 2021

What Did Rosa Parks Pray?

Happy Birthday, Rosa Parks!

(We light a candle. We parked and prayed at 1:11 pm on Feb. 4)

Dear Lord,

“I felt YOU would give me

the strength to endure

whatever I had to face.

God, YOU did away with all my fear…”

“It was time for someone to stand up-or,

in my case, sit down.

I refused to move.”

Lord, I thank YOU for

“The church was and is the foundation of our community.

It became our strength, our refuge, and our haven.”

“We would pray, sing and meet in church.

We would use Scriptures, testimonies, and hymns

to strengthen us against the hatred and

violence going on around us.”

GOD, I thank YOU for

“Quiet Strength:  The Faith, the Hope, and

the Heart of a Woman Who Changed a Nation,”

written by Rosa Parks with her Attorney Gregory J. Reed,

(This prayer is based on Rosa Parks’ quotes in her book).

During February, Carter G. Woodson sought to honor and also recognize Black Americans’ history and contributions.

Langston Hughes Prayer at 1:11

During Black History month 2021,  we share the prayers of notable Black Americans born during February.

Happy Birthday, Langston Hughes!  Feb. 1st

(We light a candle and pray your prayer at 1:11 pm)


by Langston Hughes

Gather up 

In the arms of your pity 

The sick, the depraved, 

The desperate, the tired, 

All the scum 

Of our weary city 

Gather up 

In the arms of your pity. 

Gather up 

In the arms of your love— 

Those who expect 

No love from above.


During February, Carter G. Woodson sought to honor and also recognize Black Americans’ history and contributions.