Keep the Faith

Let us Park and Pray at 1:11

“It is the mystery of the unknown that fascinates us; we are children still, wayward and wistful; with one hand we cling to the familiar things we call our own, and with the other, resolute of will, grope in the dark for what the day will bring. – Henry W. Longfellow.


Almighty God, I pray that thou wilt help me to correct my life today that I may know a better way tomorrow; and may I be mindful and try to do right. Grant that I may be patient and kind if I may be sick or in need, and always keep uppermost the faith of deliverance and eternal care. Amen.

🙏🏾 The 911 Prayer 20 yrs 🙏🏼

On the 20th anniversary of 911, I revisited my prayer. I prayed for the lives lost, injured and changed. It felt like multiple catastrophic storms. Yet, something amazing occurred. Let us virtually pray this prayer at 1:11 pm.

Almighty God, we remember the ripple effects of our nation under attack, and the struggle to catch her breath. Gracious God, we remember 9/11, the sounds, sights, and deadly effects. Prayerfully, we remember the heroes, lives lost, wounded, rescued, and saved. We prayed for all concerned.

Merciful God, we remembered Your loving kindness. Your blessed hope and renewed peace that was evident over time. Your presence reminded us that every breath is a prayer. We pray, to You O God, whose time is endless, love is unconditional and whose mercy and grace are matchless gifts.

We give thanks as You call us to remember that love never dies. On this 9/11 day of remembrance, we prayerfully reflect on all whose lives that were threatened by deadly forces.

We take time to pray, “O God, whose time is endless, whose love is unending and whose mercy and grace are matchless gifts. You continue to breathe new life into dry bones. You teach us to honor the sanctity of life. You inspire us to cherish our relationship with the Divine Spirit and with one another. We give thanks for each and every day.

On this 9/11 day of remembrance, we prayerfully reflect on loved ones, friends, first responders, strangers, neighbors,and all who were affected by the deadly forces and devastation of 911. We are grateful for two decades of relative calm in our nation. We thank you O Holy One, and we ask You to settle our hearts and minds. Bless us with Your Peace and teach us how to hold onto the peace You give us.

Merciful God we”Park & Pray @ 1:11pm. Amen