Praying & Chewing on the Psalms

How does this Psalm speak to you?
It was dark outside. There were no street lights and my GPS was not working. The address was incorrect and yet, Spirit lead me to sense my destination was nearby. I pulled off the road. I parked and let the car idle as I prayed, “Lord I’m lost! Lord have mercy on me.” Then, seconds later there was a light in my path leading me to a house. Initially I was reluctant to knock on the brightly lit door. The piercing sound of my car alarm mysteriously unleashed a pleasant melody that compelled the responder to open her door. It was my friend! It was dark outside, while inside I was afraid until the Holy One dropped a light on my path and lead me to the right address. Thank you Lord, my Light and my salvation.

A Thanksgiving Message


For the life is more than the food, and the body than the raiment. – Luke 12:23

Loving God, I am thankful for these bountiful blessings that spring up from your earth. Lord help me, that I may not spend hours preparing food for my body and neglect my spiritual nourishment that comes from you. Satisfy my appetite for you O God. Fill me with your daily bread and crushed fruit of the vine. Feed all who hunger for justice, righteousness, and equity. Feed all who are spiritually famine, emotionally malnourished, and love deprived by anemic affections. Refresh and renew the servings of spoiled, tainted food from the places where your fountains are not tended. Gracious God,  help us to begin Thanksgiving Day with thanks to you, the Almighty One with us, and who give us a path where we may receive you. Blessed us with a fresh plate of peace, sprinkled with honesty and humility served on a silver platter of love. Thank you for answering our prayers. Thank you for giving us grace, unmerited favor, and a table of bountiful blessings. In Christ name I pray. Amen CDG 11/25/15

Blessed are You, O Lord our God

Blessed are You, O Lord our God,
Wellspring of all that is.

You are the sea on which we float,
You are the wind that fills our sails,
You are the storm that buffets us,
You are the calm that brings us peace.

Open our ears to hear Your word,
Open our eyes to see Your beauty,
Open our hearts to be warmed by Your love.

Free us from our lonely prisons of fear and selfishness,
And make us over, day by day, into bearers of Your peace.

richard rosenberg – 1990

Sometimes we’re forced to Park and Pray at 1:11pm


Merciful God, thank you for hearing our prayers.
Help us to hear you in the midst of our fears.
Thank you for feeling our pain.
Help us to feel your presence and be at ease again.
Thank you for being here and fulfilling our needs.
You help us to witness your mercy and unconditional grace.
You renew our hope and bless us with faith.
You teach us to wait, be still, park and pray.
Pray for world peace. Peace will come, you promise, peace will come one day. Amen.

A Memorial Prayer


Loving God, we thank you. We celebrate one who sacrificed his life in serving our country. As we park and prayerfully remember SP4 McGeary Littlejohn, may our gathering around his Memorial, our spoken words and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to you, O God. Comfort those who mourn. Inspire us to serve. Teach us to appreciate life and living. Help us to remember Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice for our lives offers us eternal life. We pray in our Saviour’s name. Amen