Are they too young to pray?

Lord listen to your children praying

How old were you when you prayed your first prayer?

What was your first prayer? Do you remember it today?

I remember saying…”Now I lay me down to sleep….”

Finish this prayer and tell me how it made you feel.

One thought on “Are they too young to pray?

  1. … I pray the Lord my soul to keep … if I should die before I wake … I pay the Lord my soul to take.

    Mom taught this and the Lord’s Prayer to my brother and me. We were not yet in kindergarten. I used to think it was all one long prayer. (LOL) Mom listened to us pray it together every night before we snuggled underneath our covers. It was a comfort then, a song we would sing at bedtime.

    Examining the words today, it seems morbid that we should be so concerned with death.

    I have learned to embrace it daily:

    As I move forward in distraction;
    Keep me Lord;
    If my untimely death should occur;
    Walk with me Lord.

    Be blessed!!


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