April Fools Let Us Be Wise

I believe it is foolish to think we can succeed on our own will only. I believe there is an unseen Spirit that nudges us, propels us and opens paths for us that are often hidden from our sight. I believe we’re often blinded by the limitations of our mind and held back by the stiff muscles of our hearts. Prayer allows us to release our grip and open the windows of our minds to allow the Light to flow freely across an untapped terrain of possibilities. When we wisely connect with the Spirit our encounters with the Divine Creator are rich, full and amazing. We are no longer foolish. We are wise and delightfully successful. Prayer connects us with the God Spirit and the gifts of love, joy, peace and everlasting life that makes a fool become wise. It is foolish to think that life is a solo performance. Today, April 1, Fools Day, let us fold up our tents and throw away our foolish ways.
Today is a new day, a day for wisdom and a day for fools to stay asleep.

Let’s pray A Prayer for a New Day by Kate Stanway on the Abide prayer app https://abide.is/prayer/x0gahd

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