A Prayer for Renewed Hope

 Rev. Cleo Graham

A National World Day of Prayer

Dear God,

She said she only had today.

She doesn’t have a tomorrow.

She said she can’t go on.

Her reality is the destruction that surrounds her. 

It’s the sounds of pain, suffering, babies crying, many people dying.

A panic-stricken mother frantically escaped a bombed hospital and delivered her baby whom she named Veronica, which means victory.

How shall we help her and others like her whose hope is lost? Help her parents, siblings, children, neighbors, strangers, friends, and those who will be born in a war torn country?

What can we give up, send, do without, live without and sanction? 

We fast and we pray to You Merciful God.

Almighty God, we depend on You. 

We need Your power for the death toll is rising .

We cannot watch the news without feeling as if there’s something we should do.

 We pray for our neighbors.

We pray for deliverance from evil. 

We pray that Your truth will prevail today.

We pray for Your Holy Healing Power.

We pray for Your Divine protection of human life and human rights.

We pray for Your Grace and Peace O Heavenly Father and Mother.  

We pray for surely You inspire and equip us to be Peacemakers. 

Help us to love our neighbors enough to end the massive destruction of lives

Help us to care for one another in Ukraine, Mississippi, Somalia, and elsewhere. 

We pray without ceasing on this 

National World Day of Prayer.

We Park and Pray at 1:11 pm, daily.

You give us hope and renew our strength. 

We give thanks and praise, to You Almighty God whose love endures forever.

We pray in Thy Holy Name.

Hear our prayers O God. Amen.