A Juneteenth State of Mind

Let’s adopt a  Juneteenth state of mind. (Scroll down)

Yes, open stiff windows that keep us bound to times when manmade power stops us. A power that tries to arrest our dreams. A misfit power that tries to wrestle our ambitions and inspirations out of the rich soils that our ancestors toiled.

Bondage is more than a dream. It’s a reality that returns like a recurrent nightmare. It is part of our DNA.

But, whenever I take my Soul for a walk, Spirit has a way of calming my nerves. Spirit reminds me how much we’ve overcome as a people who are tough, born to overcome, resilient and renewed.

It’s 1:11 pm and time to press the reset. Time to charge our batteries. Time to light a candle. To find the blessed strength to just say no! Stop! Enough is enough!

Pray to the Holy One and watch the forces of Evil press against the wall Pray, pray to the Holy One. Pray that goodness forges a new path out of the wilderness, and away from danger.

Pray, never again, will God’s creatures, people stumble in darkness, chained to indefinite labor that feeds a stranger and leaves the worker starving. “Set me free or I will surely die” is a clarion call for freedom for all. No more free bull work. Yes, free all slaves.  Even the loudest thunder and roughest hailstorm will not blow out the clarion call whenever we think free.

Juneteenth is a state of mind.

Let us celebrate daily at 1:11.

God we thank you for being our love, our hope, strength, and our guide. Break the chains and set us free to imagine our best selves. Help us to live into the dreams you birthed us to be. In thy Holy Name we pray. Amen

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