The Day After Election Day !?!

​Rev. Jane Vennard​, ​UCC  Pastor, Educator, and spiritual director wrote this prayer that caught my attention today,  two months later.

“The Day After Election Day”

Gracious God, Spirit of life……
We pause in your presence……. We breathe deeply……..
The day we have been waiting for has come and gone.
Some of us are celebrating, grace us with humility in our victory. Some of us are mourning, grace us with compassion in our loss.
Grant all of us the courage to go forward into the unknown future With hands out stretched in kindness,
With hearts over flowing with empathy,
With our minds set on justice and peace.
Help us be patient.
Help us stand strong in the midst of chaos.
Help us see to all of creation through your eyes of love.
Be with us as we work to create harmony in this divided world. Be with us as we struggle and fall and rise again.
Shower us with your mercy opening our heats to receive your blessing We ask this in the name of all that is Holy. Amen

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