A Prayer in the Sky

When was the last time you’ve seen a rainbow?

I saw this rainbow in the sky. It reminded me of God’s love.

I see many shades melting together as one shining illumination. It’s arc is bending toward love.

Let’s Pray……..>~~~~~~~~>

To the Holy One,

To the God who puts rainbows in the sky and colors our path with shades of lightening and mercy.

Destroy all lethal viruses and corrupt natures.

Cleanse our spirits with a fresh coat of life giving love. Purify every breath, every drop, and every earthly being. Create in us a clean ❤️ and a renewed spirit.

Make us feel free to walk along the paths of life, to touch, sing and dance together again.

Satisfy us with your Holy presence. Protect us from harm and disarm our fears.

Bless us with your grace and everlasting peace.

In Your Name we pray. Amen

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