2 thoughts on “A 1:11 Prayer 4 You

    1. I believe God wants to bless us. God encourages us to ask, seek, knock on the door, watch, wait, work, pray and expect to receive a blessing. Sometimes we expect to be blessed immediately and our own way. Jabez Prayer, “Oh that you would bless me indeed…” This prayer acknowledges God as the ultimate source of blessings. It is a persistent call for God to bless him. Indeed Jabez like so many in the Bible who prayed and received their blessings. We may not recognize that we are already blessed. God blesses us and nudges us to bless others. Jesus came and blessed us so we can go forth and bless others. At times it may seem hard to believe that God wants to bless us in the midst of evil, unjust and oppressive conditions. During these hard and difficult times we must pray without ceasing and be God’s beloved servants.

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