Calling All People

This Norman Rockwell painting reminds me of a portrait of humanity and what we are called to be. Then, I watched one ant carry a bread crumb to a community of ants. I wonder what inspired this creature to share with others. I understand we are so much higher than the creatures we crush daily. But, lately I’m concerned about why some of us do not feel connected with those who are hungry, thirsty, desperate and whose lives are threatened. We are called to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Let us Park and Pray at 1:11 pm

God you call us, your children to be righteous, kind and loving. Yet, some of us behave like you don’t exist or your Word doesn’t matter. God, help us to do better and be better people. There is an urgent need in our country and world to protect and support the most vulnerable among us, our children. Please God, please help us to help the migrant children who showed up at our borders. Open the hearts of leaders whose platform places these children’s lives in danger. The emotional damage will strangle these young lives unless something is done to protect them. God help us to be more loving. Move across our country like a tsunami of hope, justice, mercy and compassion. May we see your Light in dark places of our lives and cling to all that is good. We pray in our Savior’s name. Amen

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