All I Wanted For Christmas

As a child I sang, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeth.” But I don’t sing it anymore. I’m no longer a child, I have my two front teeth and I seek a greater desire. 

I can’t think of any gift that I rather have for Christmas than Love. Love is free, available and accessible everyday. There’s an unconditional fountain of Agape Love. The invisible Divine Light, Spirit Breath, Holy Wind, God is Love that knocks on the doors of our hearts.

The gift of love gives us hope not despair, faith not fear, and peace not turmoil. 

“Love bears ALL things, believes ALL things hopes ALL things, endured ALL things.” Love is the muscle that never gives in or gives up. Love never dies. Love is the gift that keeps giving. 

Today, I sing “All we need is LOVE. All we need is LOVE. All we need is LOVE, LOVE…LOVE is all we need.” I sing “Love Lifted Me.”

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