A Heart for Thanksgiving Prayer

God of Life
We give you thanks O Mighty God for each breath
As we inhale, we embrace the power of your love
We hold onto your peace
As we exhale, we release the forces that drive us apart from you

God of Love
We give you thanks O Merciful God for each moment
As we spend time resting in your presence
We wait for you
As we listen for your still speaking voice

God of Plenty
We give you thanks O Bountiful God for each fruit
As we celebrate the harvest of your Spirit
We remember your call
As we prepare to serve a table of blessings for all

God, our Provider
We give you thanks O God for life, living and being in you
As we feel your unconditional love
We are grateful for your provisions and yet we yearn
As people who need you.

For in you O God we live and move and have our being
(Acts 17:28)                                               Rev. Cleo 11/23/16

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