Fuel for the Spirit

I parked and I captured this photo. I was inspired by the light and the green that broke through the openings in between the rocks. I prayed this post election prayer written earlier. 

Dear God, 
Emotions are scattered and often numb

You console and remind us

there is work to be done

it’s a tough message, a rough lesson

we may not want to hear

but we’re told to listen as it rings loud and clear.

We asked for change,

a jumpstart, a way to fulfill our needs

but like a rose that grew from a tainted seed

the unexpected happened right under our feet

like a landmine, like an explosion

like a tough bed of thorns

like darkness before a noonday storm

but, another way of listening is born.

My God! You often remind us

of One who lighted the Way

the Divine One who taught us how to pray

the Lord’s Prayer,

give us this day, our daily bread, we say

Then, we receive bread that’s hard to chew

Dear God,

In your holy presence we remember

our jaws are not broken

our hands are not chained down

yes, many hearts are sorely bruised

our eyes are wet and yet, opened too

Merciful God, awaken us to the reality that

You, O God Governs

Not man or woman

Not polls or pollsters

Not sound bites, hash tags, sweet or bitter tweets

Not likes, strong mikes or uncanny might,

Rules this country or world

It is the unseen Spirit, the Holy Light

That fuels our spirit and gives us the grace,

gives us the reason and the hope to be a light.

                                                       Cleo 11/10/16

Park and pray at 1:11 pm

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