Finding the Drumbeat

​Have we lost our sense of hearing? Can you hear the drum beat? The rhythm of life that returns us back to the music of our birth. The pulsating sound in the womb. The heart beat that lulls us to a restful and peaceful sleep. The sounds of Mr. Plynton’s drumbeats and guitar are fading. Our footsteps are  out of synch. Our rhythm and pace are shaky. Our movements are no longer an intentional walk. No longer an easy dance. It’s far from being a romance. Each footstep clashes and spreads us further apart from one another.

Mr Plynton plays his drums louder but, his drumbeats are ignored. He gives his drum sticks to Harriet. She studies the smooth wooden sticks resting on her palms. She locks her wrists into position as if to get ready to play his big drum. Harriet pauses and feels the weight of the drum resting on her thighs.  She imagines the burdens of the world resting on her lap and holding her down. She pauses, she parks her sticks and she prays this prayer:

“Holy One bring back the beat that gives us Peace, Unity, Love, Life and purpose.”

Harriet repeats her prayer until it becomes a chant. The sound of Mr. Plynton’s guitar and Harriet’s drum beats play softly against the backdrop of her prayer. The people sing and dance together. They are heard saying, “let it be, let it be, So be it! Amen.”

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