Park and Pray at 1:11 pm for Orlando then Love like Jesus

Park and Pray at 1:11 pm for the people of Orlando and for our world then, love like Jesus.

Why must we park?

Parking gives us the opportunity to stop.

Stop the bloodshed and soothe the pain. Stop inviting more pain and heartache.

Parking, allows time to shift our focus from the horrific event to check in with the Divine.

Park and Pray gives us space to tap into the wisdom of our Creator God. Praying at 1:11 pm identifies a unified time for us to respond on one accord. The numbers 111 reminds us we are tripod beings each one having spirit in a body with a soul. One, one, one connects us one people, to one God and one love. One eleven appreciates the oneness of God.

Let us Park and Pray:

“Loving God we thank you for opening space and time for us to pour out our weary hearts. Thank you for allowing us to plead our cause on behalf of the victims of the Orlando Massacre. We thank you God for your mercy in times past when we faced the burden of hatred and evil against innocent lives. We have a blessed assurance that our prayers will be answered. We plead O God, have mercy on those who perished, the many lives tortured and tormented by the threat of violence and destruction. We park to listen to the pulsations of your Holy wisdom, to feel your peace and affirm your love. We pray that love and not hatred will resonate like waves in restless waters. We pray our nation will embrace love and not hatred and retribution. We pray that we will be defined by our tenacity to love, to make peace and overcome evil by doing good. Teach us, share with us and bless us with the means to live as your children united through love. Have mercy on the friends and families of those who perish. May their living and passing be the impetus to bring about immediate changes in our laws and practices.  Thus, reverse the rising tide of gun violence. Restore the faith and hope in you O God in the midst of our weary days. 

Bless us with the desire to pursue endless and nonjudgmental love.  You commanded us to love you O God. Love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Mighty God help us to live in love, peace and the ways of Jesus Christ.

While we grieve and wait for peace, we pray daily on one accord as your people who are called by your name. We are humbled by your presence. Help us turn from our wicked ways, and call on you, our Saviour to remedy our circumstances now. May we patiently wait on you God. May were truly know the blessed hope and unconditional love that awaits us. May we love like Jesus who loves us all. In the name of our Savior we pray. Amen.

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