Prayer, the gift that keeps giving


Have you given all of your gifts?

Consider giving the gift of prayer.
Yes, Pray for someone.
Each day, no matter where we are, many of us park and pray at 1:11 pm. We pray together in spirit.

Try beginning your prayer by saying these simple words:

Thank you God for…
Lord have mercy on…
God I need you to help..
Lord forgive me for…
God bless…

Remember to end your prayer with
“Praying in my Saviour’s name, Amen.”
God’s name is more powerful than our names.

We invite you to join, follow and journey with us on the Park and Pray at 1:11 blog. God hears our prayers.
May God abundantly bless you.

2 thoughts on “Prayer, the gift that keeps giving

  1. Give the gift of presence.

    I have tweeted this idea, and was happy to see a commercial where a young girl gift-wrapped her cell phone and gifted it to her Father on Christmas day. She is seen speaking with her Dad and her family at Christmas dinner and throughout the day. The gift of presence is phenomenal, and can be given 24/7. I love prayer, and it is a very special gift – to be present with the Lord is an ecstatic experience! Happy Christmas!!

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