Park and Prayer With My Shadow

Creator God, Maker of heaven and earth, all Wise, Gracious, and Merciful God, may I see a reflection of your Loving presence. May I know that in Your presence, my help has arrived. As I lift up my eyes to the hills, from whence comes my help, I seek You Lord, my Helper. Despite the waves of emotions that try to sweep me away I will not fall down nor give in to fear or despair. I seek my Savior in the midst of the mountains and valleys in my life. 

The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. Help me, O God, overcome the flood of memories that holds me captive and makes me feel frozen. It stops me in my tracks. Fear holds me as a hostage. 

O God, melt my heart, open my eyes and cultivate my mind with seeds of wisdom so I may know your truth. Your truth shall set me free. Bless me with wisdom to recognize the deep shadows under Your wings , a place of shelter and renewal. Hide me, Merciful God, shelter me, then, light my path when night falls and when I am lost. May I see You in the sun that shines, the moon that lights the dark skies and in the billions of stars that gives hope for brighter days. Without the sun there would be no rainbow, a spread of the many faces in our world. Without the shadow, there would be no reflection of our inner self, a dimension beyond our reach. And without the memory of the cross I could not have the glory of the resurrection and the possibilities for repentance, renewal and regrowth. Help me, O God, hear my prayer. Amen.

Finding the Drumbeat

​Have we lost our sense of hearing? Can you hear the drum beat? The rhythm of life that returns us back to the music of our birth. The pulsating sound in the womb. The heart beat that lulls us to a restful and peaceful sleep. The sounds of Mr. Plynton’s drumbeats and guitar are fading. Our footsteps are  out of synch. Our rhythm and pace are shaky. Our movements are no longer an intentional walk. No longer an easy dance. It’s far from being a romance. Each footstep clashes and spreads us further apart from one another.

Mr Plynton plays his drums louder but, his drumbeats are ignored. He gives his drum sticks to Harriet. She studies the smooth wooden sticks resting on her palms. She locks her wrists into position as if to get ready to play his big drum. Harriet pauses and feels the weight of the drum resting on her thighs.  She imagines the burdens of the world resting on her lap and holding her down. She pauses, she parks her sticks and she prays this prayer:

“Holy One bring back the beat that gives us Peace, Unity, Love, Life and purpose.”

Harriet repeats her prayer until it becomes a chant. The sound of Mr. Plynton’s guitar and Harriet’s drum beats play softly against the backdrop of her prayer. The people sing and dance together. They are heard saying, “let it be, let it be, So be it! Amen.”

Park and Pray at 1:11 pm for Orlando then Love like Jesus

Park and Pray at 1:11 pm for the people of Orlando and for our world then, love like Jesus.

Why must we park?

Parking gives us the opportunity to stop.

Stop the bloodshed and soothe the pain. Stop inviting more pain and heartache.

Parking, allows time to shift our focus from the horrific event to check in with the Divine.

Park and Pray gives us space to tap into the wisdom of our Creator God. Praying at 1:11 pm identifies a unified time for us to respond on one accord. The numbers 111 reminds us we are tripod beings each one having spirit in a body with a soul. One, one, one connects us one people, to one God and one love. One eleven appreciates the oneness of God.

Let us Park and Pray:

“Loving God we thank you for opening space and time for us to pour out our weary hearts. Thank you for allowing us to plead our cause on behalf of the victims of the Orlando Massacre. We thank you God for your mercy in times past when we faced the burden of hatred and evil against innocent lives. We have a blessed assurance that our prayers will be answered. We plead O God, have mercy on those who perished, the many lives tortured and tormented by the threat of violence and destruction. We park to listen to the pulsations of your Holy wisdom, to feel your peace and affirm your love. We pray that love and not hatred will resonate like waves in restless waters. We pray our nation will embrace love and not hatred and retribution. We pray that we will be defined by our tenacity to love, to make peace and overcome evil by doing good. Teach us, share with us and bless us with the means to live as your children united through love. Have mercy on the friends and families of those who perish. May their living and passing be the impetus to bring about immediate changes in our laws and practices.  Thus, reverse the rising tide of gun violence. Restore the faith and hope in you O God in the midst of our weary days. 

Bless us with the desire to pursue endless and nonjudgmental love.  You commanded us to love you O God. Love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Mighty God help us to live in love, peace and the ways of Jesus Christ.

While we grieve and wait for peace, we pray daily on one accord as your people who are called by your name. We are humbled by your presence. Help us turn from our wicked ways, and call on you, our Saviour to remedy our circumstances now. May we patiently wait on you God. May were truly know the blessed hope and unconditional love that awaits us. May we love like Jesus who loves us all. In the name of our Savior we pray. Amen.

A Happy & Blessed Birthday Son!

                  Birthday Blessings


                        Happy Birthday Rafiq!!!
May 27, 2016
2 Chr 30:9 – The Lord your God is gracious and merciful, and will not turn away his face from you, if ye return unto Him.

Today is my oldest son’s birthday! What shall I get him? Often times I give gifts that end up in a dusty corner or part of a pile of intentions. I temporally feel good about my gift giving. This year, I will give something that’s not confined to a box, held down with ribbons and bows or tightly conformed by nearly tapped margins. I will give my son my best L.I.F.E, with the help of God. First, I give a Love that is unconditional and enduring. Love has no expiration date and it is always fresh. Second, I give Inspiration through my thoughts, words and deeds. I will inspire him to inhale all the good that God offers him and exhale his troubles as if releasing bubbles into the air. Third, I seek and I offer Forgiveness for every ill thought, misguided behavior and absent minded bruise I inflicted on him and he gave me throughout our lives. I ask God to forgive us so that today we will enjoy the sweetness of his birthday cake on a clean platter. Fourth, I give my son Encouragement to dream and to awaken his senses to all possibilities in his LIFE.
I pray, Oh Holy One, bless my son with a reservoir of Love, Inspiration, Forgiveness and Encouragement which he can draw upon at any time. Loving, Gracious and Merciful God, as we celebrate my son’s birthday help us to live a LIFE that gives you Love and shares love with others. May we experience Your seamless Love in the smooth, torn and worn out edges of our lives. We thank you for the everlasting gift of Your presence. In our Saviour’s Name, We Park and Pray at 1:11 pm. Amen.

“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers”

“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers” Prince 4/2016

Remembering Prince, it’s interesting to note his last words were about prayer.

As I read the many articles about his life and I listen to his music for the sounds of prayer, I discovered portraits of Prince’s prayers. His praying was found in his own authentic language. When Prince asked us to wait and not waste any prayers, it felt like he viewed prayer as something very special.

He said, “wait a few days.” Maybe he meant three days. It reminded me of Christ’s message to his disciples three days before he died on the cross. Often times individuals know God’s call to come home. It is a call that draws saints and sinners, old and young, rich and poor, the spiritually fulfilled and unfulfilled and all who God loves are called to renew their faith in the Creator. Prince asked us to wait for we know not what to pray but, God will give us utterance or words to pray.

What if we did not wait. What would our prayers for Prince be? Would we pray that he would stay with us? Would we pray, “Thy Will Be Done” today and everyday?

God through Jesus Christ asked his disciples to watch and pray.

What were Prince’s prayers and where did he park and pray his most sacred prayers?

“Every song was either a prayer or foreplay,” says CNN writers Lisa Resorts France and Eliot C. McLaughlin.” In the same article, Michaela Angela Davis was quoted as saying, “he was able to negotiate God and sex in his subject matter in a way that we had never seen.”

Maybe we focused so much on the latter, sex messages in his music that we missed how Prince connected with God. Maybe we missed his prayers, his laments and his thanks to the Almighty One.
Prince left a lasting impression.

“Wait a few days before you waste any prayers.” It reminds us to first park, first be intentional and first wait until God picks up the phone. Wait until you are online, connected with God and not some ungodly source. Waiting allows God to move into your heart and thoughts.

God of Light, God of Love, and God of Mercy, thank you for the gift of eternal life with you. Thank you for the grace that you show us time and time again. We appreciate the 57 years of authentic living that Prince shared with us. He represented many of our flaws and struggles. His discipline to his musical talents often gave us pause and allowed us to see the fruits of hard labor and unconditional love. He showcased his imperfections in creative ways. God, we pray he is forgiven for all the wrongs he has done. Receive him as your child delivered from evil. We thank you for his life and his ability to connect with many of us. We pray the good he has done will be remembered. May we find You, O God in the midst of Prince’s music and in his legacy now and always. Praying in Christ’s Name. Amen.

April Fools Let Us Be Wise

I believe it is foolish to think we can succeed on our own will only. I believe there is an unseen Spirit that nudges us, propels us and opens paths for us that are often hidden from our sight. I believe we’re often blinded by the limitations of our mind and held back by the stiff muscles of our hearts. Prayer allows us to release our grip and open the windows of our minds to allow the Light to flow freely across an untapped terrain of possibilities. When we wisely connect with the Spirit our encounters with the Divine Creator are rich, full and amazing. We are no longer foolish. We are wise and delightfully successful. Prayer connects us with the God Spirit and the gifts of love, joy, peace and everlasting life that makes a fool become wise. It is foolish to think that life is a solo performance. Today, April 1, Fools Day, let us fold up our tents and throw away our foolish ways.
Today is a new day, a day for wisdom and a day for fools to stay asleep.

Let’s pray A Prayer for a New Day by Kate Stanway on the Abide prayer app

Let us Pray


I lift up my eyes to the hills from whence comes my help. My help comes from the Lord. Psalm 121

Let us Park and Pray,
Creator God, as we look at the world around us often we are filled with frustration, disillusion, hopelessness and despair. We ask you to give us courage to trust you. We ask you to inspire us to continue working with you even during the dark and difficult times.  We ask you to come into the daily relationships which we so often take for granted. Help us to value one another and respond to one another with love.
In our Saviour’s name we pray. Amen.

Be Still While We Pray


Be still while pray

Breathe in and out as you may

But be still as we pray

Cease conversing as there’s nothing to say

When we turn ourselves to the Master to pray

Stand still

Stay, Pray

Wait, watch

We’ll show you the way

Just stand

Sit and kneel

Cup hands

Bowed heads

It’s all okay

Just be still while we pray.

Cleo Darcia Graham

World News This Week in Prayer

Lord, as your cherished people we adore you for your unfailing love toward all creation. Your thoughts are not ours; we recognize that your thinking is on a far greater scale than our mere time and place even when we do not understand. Your ways not ours, yet you call us into new ways to find your kingdom.

In the turning of the world and the change of seasons we, in the northern hemisphere, are unfeignedly delighted at the return of longer days and warmth. So it is that with the turning of the year we pray with Fijians hit by a devastating cyclone and wonder if Australians also greet the changing season with thanksgiving for surcease from devastating bushfires.

In this season of Lent, in the eucharistic namnesis we are amazed at the plethora of care, grace, kindness poured out on us, your beloved. We want the whole world to share in your new covenant which existed before we know you. Today, we bring our lamentations for those who, knowing you, are forced from home, family and shelter, all that gives safety and security.

We pray for the refugees across the Middle East.

Lord, hear our lament.

We pray for those disfigured by acid attack in India.

Lord, hear our lament.

We pray for those with cancer linked to toxic waste in the area around Naples, Italy.

Lord, hear our lament.

With the European Union in crisis talks regarding migrant,

Lord, hear our prayer.

With the IMF warning that the global economy is “vulnerable”,

Lord, hear our prayer.

With the a possible US – Russian plan for a ceasefire in Syria, but air drops in difficulties,

Lord, hear our prayer.

With thanksgiving we pray for those bold enough to do research in medicine, that they might ease:
the suffering of long term ebola complications;
the devastation of zika virus – especially as it’s spread and effect is questioned by scientists in the US.
the stigma associated with leprosy in Nepal.
Lord, receive our prayers of adoration, lamentation and thanksgiving.

The Lord hears our prayer.

Thanks be to God. Amen.

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Building Up Reaching Across


The Lord Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that is exalted (and they will be humbled), for all the cedars of Lebanon, tall and lofty, and all the oaks of Bashan, for all the towering mountains and all the high hills, for every lofty tower and every fortified wall, for every trading ship and every stately vessel. The arrogance of man will be brought low and human pride humbled; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day,
Isaiah 2:12-17 NIV

God Almighty, you alone are worthy to be exalted. You alone are worthy to be praised. You, O Lord, you alone shall be exalted this day and always. Loving God, helps us to find ways to move mountains, breakdown barriers, breakthrough strongholds and break the chains that enslave us. Mighty God,  inspire us to build bridges instead of walls. God of Peace, lead us on the path that unites rather than divides  us. Bless us with the Passion of Christ to love God, love one another as each one loves self. For love, not hate is the greatest weapon. God is Love that conquers all. Holy One hear our prayer. In Christ name, Amen.

My Divine Valentine


Loving God, thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for your only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.
Thank you for revealing your love daily. Forgive me for not always giving you the love you deserve. May my heart, my hands, my mind and my feet express my deep and everlasting love for you.
O Holy One, Love Divine, O Valentine,  forever praised and forever mine.
In Christ Name, Amen.

Sojourner Truth: “Do For Me God”

Sojourner Truth: “Do For Me God
Oh, God, you know I have no money, but you can make the people do for me, and you must make the people do for me.
I will never give you peace till you do, God.

The indefatigable Sojourner Truth, the former slave who became outspoken in her defense of human dignity, often spoke to God in a no-nonsense way. She believed that if she was to do God’s work on earth, Divine Providence should be with her each step of the way.

Prayer, the gift that keeps giving


Have you given all of your gifts?

Consider giving the gift of prayer.
Yes, Pray for someone.
Each day, no matter where we are, many of us park and pray at 1:11 pm. We pray together in spirit.

Try beginning your prayer by saying these simple words:

Thank you God for…
Lord have mercy on…
God I need you to help..
Lord forgive me for…
God bless…

Remember to end your prayer with
“Praying in my Saviour’s name, Amen.”
God’s name is more powerful than our names.

We invite you to join, follow and journey with us on the Park and Pray at 1:11 blog. God hears our prayers.
May God abundantly bless you.

Praying & Chewing on the Psalms

How does this Psalm speak to you?
It was dark outside. There were no street lights and my GPS was not working. The address was incorrect and yet, Spirit lead me to sense my destination was nearby. I pulled off the road. I parked and let the car idle as I prayed, “Lord I’m lost! Lord have mercy on me.” Then, seconds later there was a light in my path leading me to a house. Initially I was reluctant to knock on the brightly lit door. The piercing sound of my car alarm mysteriously unleashed a pleasant melody that compelled the responder to open her door. It was my friend! It was dark outside, while inside I was afraid until the Holy One dropped a light on my path and lead me to the right address. Thank you Lord, my Light and my salvation.

A Thanksgiving Message


For the life is more than the food, and the body than the raiment. – Luke 12:23

Loving God, I am thankful for these bountiful blessings that spring up from your earth. Lord help me, that I may not spend hours preparing food for my body and neglect my spiritual nourishment that comes from you. Satisfy my appetite for you O God. Fill me with your daily bread and crushed fruit of the vine. Feed all who hunger for justice, righteousness, and equity. Feed all who are spiritually famine, emotionally malnourished, and love deprived by anemic affections. Refresh and renew the servings of spoiled, tainted food from the places where your fountains are not tended. Gracious God,  help us to begin Thanksgiving Day with thanks to you, the Almighty One with us, and who give us a path where we may receive you. Blessed us with a fresh plate of peace, sprinkled with honesty and humility served on a silver platter of love. Thank you for answering our prayers. Thank you for giving us grace, unmerited favor, and a table of bountiful blessings. In Christ name I pray. Amen CDG 11/25/15

Blessed are You, O Lord our God

Blessed are You, O Lord our God,
Wellspring of all that is.

You are the sea on which we float,
You are the wind that fills our sails,
You are the storm that buffets us,
You are the calm that brings us peace.

Open our ears to hear Your word,
Open our eyes to see Your beauty,
Open our hearts to be warmed by Your love.

Free us from our lonely prisons of fear and selfishness,
And make us over, day by day, into bearers of Your peace.

richard rosenberg – 1990

Sometimes we’re forced to Park and Pray at 1:11pm


Merciful God, thank you for hearing our prayers.
Help us to hear you in the midst of our fears.
Thank you for feeling our pain.
Help us to feel your presence and be at ease again.
Thank you for being here and fulfilling our needs.
You help us to witness your mercy and unconditional grace.
You renew our hope and bless us with faith.
You teach us to wait, be still, park and pray.
Pray for world peace. Peace will come, you promise, peace will come one day. Amen.

A Memorial Prayer


Loving God, we thank you. We celebrate one who sacrificed his life in serving our country. As we park and prayerfully remember SP4 McGeary Littlejohn, may our gathering around his Memorial, our spoken words and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable to you, O God. Comfort those who mourn. Inspire us to serve. Teach us to appreciate life and living. Help us to remember Jesus Christ, whose sacrifice for our lives offers us eternal life. We pray in our Saviour’s name. Amen